AI-powered Virtual Health Assistant

Our Grand Vision for Healthcare

Bridge the massive gap in primary care by putting a "virtual health assistant" in the pockets of millions of patients around the world, thereby freeing up resources for human healthcare professionals to focus on the patients who need them the most.

Vitalk is a virtual health assistant for primary care

Engaging content, advice and health information created by clinical experts and service designers.

Personalization: user chooses the subject that most interests him/her. Applies machine learning to further personalize timing, tone, & content over time.


Seamless, secure omni-channel communication

  • SMS
  • Facebook Messenger
  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • WhatsApp

  • Vitalk API integration with third-party apps and intranets.

    Extensive content & ability to construct custom virtual health assistants

    Mental health GIF

    Mental Health

    Maternal health GIF

    Maternal Health

    Custom-built GIF

    Cardiometabolic diseases
    Post-operative monitoring
    Nutrition & Exercise
    ...other use cases

    Vitalk is an early risk detection system

    If Vitalk identifies a problem that it cannot solve, it will guide the patient to the most suitable resource for that specific patient. (tele-consult or tele-therapy, clinic, hospital, etc.)

    Chat with Viki

    Health indicators

    Powerful data for population health management and patient care coordination

    Identify at-risk patients, track health indicators, and communicate directly with patient via chat.

    Visualize population level data such as engagement rates and health indicators.

    Filter by sub-populations and glean
    relevant insights.

    A highly effective population health management tool

    3X cheaper than active call centers, because a single healthcare professional can monitor up to 3,000 patients at once

    3 weeks less time, on average, to identify a potential health risk (due to our proactive monitoring approach)

    60% average "engagement rate" over a 6 month period (depending on the Care Line and patient population)


    Who uses Vitalk?

    1. Vitalk's resiliency care line identifies at-risk employees and sends them to treatment early, thereby avoiding costs associated with absenteeism, presenteeism, and higher insurance premiums due to comorbidities.

    2. Vitalk also serves as a health navigation "concierge", identifying health risks and guiding patients to the correct treatment. This helps self-insured employers decrease misuse of health resources and avoid preventable complications.

    3. Given that the service is low cost and highly scalable, it serves particularly well for large employers with lower-wage workers.


    1. Insurance companies use Vitalk to identify members with a risk profile that was previously unmapped.

    2. Vitalk is used as an early detection system to prevent more imminent adverse events such as hospitalizations. It is nearly 10X less expensive than to use a call center to monitor at-risk patients.

    3. Insurers also apply Vitalk as a "healthcare navigator", to engage their population and guarantee that members choose healthcare services that are cost-effective.

    4. Vitalk is also seen as an additional benefit for members.


    1. Hospitals use Vitalk to monitor patients post-discharge, reducing significantly operational costs associated with human-powered call centers.

    2. Some hospitals/providers use Vitalk as a way to engage patients that are in long-term treatments to ensure favourable clinical outcomes.

    2. Accountable care organizations use Vitalk to monitor patient panels (especially chronic patients), identify health risks quickly, and guarantee adherence to treatment, all at a reduced cost.


    1. Vitalk identifies at-risk patients so that primary care teams can prioritize who to treat. For instance, a nurse can pinpoint which patient a community health worker (CHW) must visit based on data she receives from Vitalk, thereby saving time and ensuring health outcomes. In other cases, a CHW may not need to visit a patient because he/she has received the necessary information via Vitalk ahead of time.

    2. Vitalk can actively or passively answer common health questions and navigate patients to the correct care. This lowers the usage rate of unnecessary secondary or tertiary care.

    Public Health Systems

    1. Pharmaceutical companies have used Vitalk as part of their Patient Support Programs (PSPs) to help improve adherence to treatment and gather information about their patients.

    2. Large retail pharmacies & PBMs have used Vitalk to provide additional health services/information to patients, thereby increasing in medication adherence, increasing customer loyalty, generating critical consumer data to stimulate refills, and driving cross-sales.


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